Hello, and welcome to my eFolio! My name is Michael Bradberry, and I am currently finishing up my final semester here at Holy Cross College. As I prepare myself to leave Holy Cross and begin the next phase of my life, my eFolio will serve as a testament to my mental, spiritual, and academic transformation. I believe that it is crucial to reflect and ruminate on the time I spent here at Holy Cross, and this class gives me the perfect outlet for looking back on how much I've grown as a person before I move on to the working world.

The purpose of this eFolio project is to allow me to reflect on several individual aspects of my experience and education while on campus here at Holy Cross. Basically, the eFolio is the vehicle which allows me to organize my thoughts in a coherent, easy to read manner. What you will find within this portfolio is a chronicle of my Holy Cross experience, which I can assure you is unlike any other. Every Holy Cross student is required to complete an eFolio prior to graduation, and even though it is quite the daunting task, it has been worth it for the amount of self discovery and reflection opportunities that it provides.

The theme of my Capstone presentation comes from French poet and novelist Victor Hugo, who said "Perseverance, is the secret to all triumphs." I had a pretty long, unconventional journey to graduation at Holy Cross, and though it was an extremely laborious, sometimes painful process, I have managed to persevere, and I am very proud to be writing this as a prospective college graduate. Throughout all of the hardships I've experienced while attaining my education, I persevered, and I have built a tremendous amount of character in the process.

I realize that everyone may not be as familiar with the eFolio interface as us SENIOR EXPERTS here at Holy Cross, so let me give you a quick rundown of how the portfolio is constructed. The tabs on the left hand side of the page are individual  pages within the eFolio. You can click on any tab, and subtabs will appear, allowing you to read about respective aspects of my reflection on college life. There are individual pages constructed for almost every aspect of my education at Holy Cross, and each one will provide a deeper, more detailed look into why an education gained at Holy Cross can be such an enriching and downright transformative experience.

My Capstone presentation is set for November 25th at 4 pm in the Pfiel Center at Holy Cross.